Greetings! We are sending negatively ionized air, into vehicle air intakes. Results are very interesting, including improved gas mileage. Please see Benefits Observed!

Right now we have two test vehicles: my 1998 Chevy Tahoe, and a friend’s 1996 Dodge pickup. So we’re clearly looking for folks to join us, and help develop rules of thumb for many different vehicles. We have parts available. Please contact me, Jonathan Brickman, at , Facebook at , and/or 805 SW Jewell Ave, Topeka KS 66606-1610.

Please do note that (a) the government of California has banned any modifications in air intake for vehicles made after certain years, and (b) if you have a warranty on your vehicle, this may void some or all of it! So do be careful and knowledgeable when you have fun, save money, and enjoy a bit more power

And last but not least, if you enjoy engines, do try , it’s a bunch of great folks who have been and are much help to many. There’s a thread on this topic right here.